Youth Tackle Football Is Damaging America’s Youth And This Truth Is Undeniable

I am not going to debate it.  After 35 years involved in a sport that personally damaged me and my youth, I know as much or more than anyone.  Youth Tackle football is maiming and killing our boys.  That is a fact.  They won’t suffer and die much out there on the youth gridiron but they will as young men.  The damage done to a young brain is indisputable and not open for debate.  The facts are in and the proof is clear in the dead teenagers and young men who have CTE at a level that proves the sport led to their demise.  I am sad that I coached youth football for 10 plus years but I can live with myself knowing that I got out and advocated flag only long before anyone else did.  I must apologize to my own boys who have been affected for life and to the other young men I coached for any pain or struggles they are having now.

Paul Bright
Our good friend and Brain Champions supporter Kim Archie lost her own son Paul Bright recently and his brain was confirmed to have been suffering from CTE. Paul played 11 seasons of Youth and High School Football.- Kim Archie FB Page-  Youth Football is killing our boys and it is Child Abuse for anyone with their eyes open and a conscience. 

If you are coaching Youth Tackle Football and do not get educated and stop you are committing child abuse.  Parents who push and advocate for your kids to play and read this or watch this Video below you are guilty as well if you choose to continue and do not do your research.  I am a fan of High School football after age 14 and as one of the top Prep Football analysts in the West, I can assure you that “little Johnny” will make the colleges ranks with our without youth ball.  Anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you and trying to earn money off of your child’s welfare or they are just not informed.  FLAG FOOTBALL for boys and girls is the way ahead.  It is fun, engaging, and it will make kids enjoy the sport and be better athletes as well.

Now if you do not believe me or are angered by my comments I would like you to listen to the words and the of a former youth, High School, Pac 12 All American, and NFL Star.  He is suffering and he is dying and he knows it.  His head is hurting him and he is suffering- he in his own words is outing football forever in a way only a man like him can- and you can see in his words that he is not happy about having to say these things.  But Anthony McClanahan, son of the great NFL Star Brent McClanahan, appears to be speaking his heart.  You watch this and come back and tell me why Youth Tackle Football has any place in our society – it is Child Abuse.  Period.

The video used here was shared from his public Facebook post and used without specific permission but used for non-commercial purposes to educate people about his words on the matter of Youth Football.  A public Link to this Video is here-

EDITORS NOTE: Since writing this article some shocking news has come forth about Anthony McClanahan that we did not nor could not have known.  This Video was posted off of Anthony McClanahan’s Facebook Page –  We were just notified that he has been accused of MURDERING his wife.  My first impulse was to remove this article.  Having said all of that I want to tell you all that the Video is being removed but the article stands.  The man stated he has had 60-70 concussions.  If he is found guilty of murder he joins a growing list of former NFL and Collegiate players who are committing violent crimes.  He is innocent until proven guilty but if found guilty the condition he was/is it tells a part of his story.  This is terribly sad for all concerned.  Our prayers are with his family.

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