The Great Jim (James) Brown Say it All; The NCAA and NFL Are Hurting Players

Jim Brown lived the football life and is a no nonsense guy

The Great NFL Running back is known for telling it like it is.  That is something not to many people will do anymore.  Today he went public and came out against the NFL and in fact the NCAA for using their players as fodder for a money making machine.

This is something we at have been clear on.  Football is a great sport full of risks and rewards.  But the facts are that the Billions of dollars being made are all going to our NFL owners, their stock holders, and the NCAA.  Not much of that is actually making it to the guys that are giving up their bodies so that we can all enjoy it.

Our Nation is fanatical about the sport.  We know all about the “Assumption of Risk” theory that people are quick to quote about the fact that those who play know what they are getting into.

That does not apply to kids 18 and under.  That is why we focus all our attentions there.  Having said that we realize that the kids who leave High School and move on to college deserve more.  They are not paid beyond the waiver of tuition.  They area also not provided with Medical or Life Insurance of any meaningful long term protection.

“They starve kids to death and make it illegal for (college athletes) to make $3 to buy food, and they make all this money. So I am not a fan of the NCAA and the way they conduct themselves,” Brown said. “It’s an elitist organization, and I think they need to change tremendously.”

Emmert and other NCAA administrators have steadfastly maintained that college sports should remain amateur and playing players is out of the question.

Brown says college football players are professionals without pay and provide the NFL with free training.

“It’s a farm system (college football). They are pros and should be paid. Why are we acting like it is something other than what it is?” Brown said. “This pretending to be amateurs, they should be compensated and things should be set straight. If they want to set a standard for what should be an amateur, they should re-examine it and come up with something that isn’t hypocritical.”

Take Dylan Steigers who died a little over a year ago up at Eastern Oregon University.  Without placing blame the fact is he died from a severe blow(s) that he suffered while competing to earn a scholarship during a Spring Football scrimmage.

The NAIA which EOU is a part of apparently requires its members to carry some coverage for accidental death but it is minimal.  And that money was not easily paid to Dylan’s fiancée Liz Apostol who had to find out about it third hand.  It will not be enough to take care of her and the little girl, London, that she and Dylan have together.  It is fact will not last more then a year or so.

Is the life of a football player and student only worth $10,000?  That is ridiculous.  Now the reason there is not more insurance is that is would cost a bit more and it would mean tougher standards in terms of how teams comply with these type of injuries.

We believe these young athletes at all levels need to be covered with a meaningful long term disability and medical coverage plan, Life Insurance to make sure they can at least be buried and those around them cared for, and yes.  They should be paid.  Even if it is a stipend.

The same thing needs to apply to high schools short of payment.  Medical and life insurance need to be offered.

James Brown is right.  The entire system is designed for colleges who take America’s best to be a farm league for the NFL.  Those kids need to be cared for and protected while we are at it.  Bottom line.

Thank you Mr. Brown for speaking the truth and as a person in a position of power your Voice is a much needed one.  We salute you!




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