Extending The Mission We Turn To A Mobile Classroom

At BrainChampions.org we don't spend a lot of time sitting around.  This year was a busy one where we spoke at several classrooms and and 6 Camps where the message was taken to hundreds of Coaches and kids. We started Atalanta's Pride with … [Read more...]

The End Of Football As We Know It Is Near

September 22, 2011 Dirk Knudsen WashingtonPreps.com Editor Talk about it in The Grid Iron The End Of The Game As We Know It I will never forget September 27th, 2009 because it was a day that changed my life.  And it was a … [Read more...]

Sally Showman’s Coverage of BrainChampions Families An Emmy Winner

KXLY TV Reporter Sally Showman was the first person to report on the tragic death of Drew Swank and the death of Dylan Steigers.   Her compassionate work came out as one of the best evening news pieces done on the subject.  Both of these young men's … [Read more...]

Football’s Survivors Can Not Be Stopped

June 9, 2011 Dirk Knudsen WashingtonPreps.com Editor Dirk Knudsen; Washingtonpreps.com Randy Newman with his son Matthew Celebrate life at a Seahawks Game 1 1/2 years after Newman nearly lost his … [Read more...]