NFL Once Again Proves A Bad Steward Of The Game As Case Keenum Falls

The NFL acts like they care about the players and concussions but clearly they don’t.  They care enough to hire marketing experts to craft their responses to the deadly problems of the game and they may pay lip service to it but they really do not care at all.  It is just empty words.  If they did care they would have a system in place that would have never allowed Rams AB Case Keenum to stay in the game after receiving what was clearly a head trauma.

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He was taken down late in the game this past week against the Ravens and his head can be seen snapping off the turf with a Violent Force.  Then he holds his head- stays down and is very slow to get up!  THESE ARE ALL 100% Proof that he is hurt.  But does he come out?  NO!

They leave him in and he later fumbles the Ball and everyone is upset that they lost.  Who gives a shit about that.

What we see is a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation who wants Money to Rain from the sky and does not take care of their players- despite 100% knowledge they are in fact dying form playing the game.  Does any corporation get to do that to their employees?  No.

Worse yet the coaches and kids that watch this see this to be normal and approved and sanctioned behavior.  It is BS!  So we feel the NFL is complicit in the death of our High School and Youth players by their non-actions on plays like this one.

If this happens in a game on any High School or Youth Field the player has to be removed and sent to the sideline and may not return until they are cleared by appropriate medical staff.

Sorry NFL but your not getting this done.  Do better.  Period.

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