New York FINALLY Get With the Program

New York- New York.  It’s Up to You New York.

Good words on a day when the Empire State joined the rest of the country trying to get on board with the Concussion crisis.  They finally passed a law to protect the High School age kids.  Nothing really Earth Shaking.  Just a revamp of what many other States have done!

The Concussion Management Awareness Act is a 27-page document published by the state that outlines concussion management guidelines with a stringent protocol for teachers and student athletes.

The recommendations are the result of bill S.3953 that went into effect on Sunday. Under the new state law, New York public school students suspected of suffering a concussion must immediately be removed from the activity and cannot return until they have been evaluated by a doctor, and all of their symptoms have subsided. Even then, students and staff are required to follow a protocol that decrees a five-day slow return to any strenuous in class assignments or sports.

The recommendations follow a procedure known as the Zurich protocol, a standard adopted by brain-injury experts during an international conference in 2008.

Congrats to all of them for getting on Board.  Here is the rest of the story!

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