NCAA Hockey Passes New Aggressive Penalty Stance for Blows to the Head

This is a great rule that is being passed by the NCAA.  This makes total sense and should have been done long ago.  Well this is another sign that the lobbying and work that many of us are doing is taking effect at the NCAA and beyond.

We compliment NCAA Hockey…men’s and women’s for taking this necessary step.

Rule changes like this will lead to the cultural change in Youth sports that we are so desperately in need of.  Great Job to all on the NCAA Rules Committee.

The NCAA News

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee is proposing more stringent rules and enforcement standards regarding contact to the head. If approved, beginning next season, a violation will carry a minimum of a major penalty and a game misconduct or disqualification penalty.

A major penalty calls for the offender to be ruled off of the ice for five minutes, during which time a substitute is not permitted.

The proposal must be considered by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel in July before implementation.

“Player safety is critically important to the college hockey community,” said Forrest Karr, chair of the committee and director of athletics at Alaska Fairbanks. “Players will be penalized severely for contact that targets the head and neck.”

Karr said student-athlete safety is of the utmost importance to the NCAA and the committee, as witnessed by the NCAA’s contact-to-the-head rule originally approved in 2003. In addition, the committee believes the NCAA’s strong stance on hitting from behind has altered player behavior, making the game safer.


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