Legal Cases Mount; Is It Too Late For Football?

Zachary Alt (left), along with his lawyer, Robert Peirce, and mother, Megan Alt, announce a lawsuit on Thursday against Highlands School District and several district officials for "deliberate disregard for his welfare" in allowing him to be injured repeatedly during a football game. JC Schisler | Tribune-Review
We have warned, begged, and pleaded. But too many athletic directors, school board supervisors, and Coaches have refused to meet. The State of football is one of denial and of hoping that the message is not delivered. That message is that we are in big trouble and that kids are being hurt and being killed. A message that we have to fix the game and fast!

And we can fix it but the Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury crisis is just starting. The statistics are mounting and showing that we are progressing at light speed to a catastrophic state.

Concussion are up 420% in the past decade according to a study released last week. And the age of bigger faster stronger is here. But the human brain is not up to the challenge.

Because few people are listening litigation is starting to mount and loom large. The reason schools and coaches have to worry is that we now know without doubt that concussions are far more dangerous then previously thought.

The Standards of Care are elevated and even if everyone does not know about all of the new research and conclussions there is a presumption that they should know.

Enter Zacahary and Meagan Alt who have filed suit against the High school, the Coaches, the principal, the trainer, and the athletic director at Highlands School in Pennsylvania.

They apparently played him hurt knowing he had a concussion, ignored symptoms and signs, and then demanded he return to a subsequent game and “Blow Him Up” referencing an opposing player.

This suit is one of several being filed. But the one thing we know from our experiences and from coaching football is that this is often the rule and not the exception.

Here is the information on this Lawsuit. All we can say is that we are here to help. We are 100% behind the kids and safety. Let’s help your school before it is too late.

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