Illinois Gets Ready to Add Concussion Law Before 2011 Season

The State of Illinois is close to enacting their version of a Concussion Education and Prevention Bill.  The only thing needed to polish off House Bill 200 is the signature of Governor Patt Quinn.

Illinois Prepares to Add Concussion Reform if House Bill 200 is signed

The bill, if passed, “would make it mandatory for all school boards in the state to work with the Illinois High School Association to develop clear guidelines to educate coaches, student athletes and their parents.”  These measures include, but aren’t limited to, forcing all school boards to enact and enforce policy regarding concussions; including information about concussions and policies about them in any form or waiver pertaining to youth athletics which requires a parent or guardian’s signature; and making educational materials about concussions available to all school districts.

With the support of the Chicago Bears the State is taking a step in the right direction.  Hopefully this gets done the right way for youth athletes in the State.

A little more on the story is here:

Like every one of these laws passing this is a good start.

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