Football Injuries Top Trauma-Related Deaths Among Young Athletes

Second Impact Deaths are on the rise and are directly related to playing hurt while on the High School Football Field!

Another study has been released and to no surprise it finds alarming statistics when it comes to the injury and death of high school football players. was the first group to cry out for help some three years ago on the issue of Second Impact Syndrome related deaths and permanent impairments.

Now in this study Dr. Barry Maron among others are linking these and other neck and head injuries to significant trends that show that more and more High School football players are playing in the Danger Zone.

A key finding, author Dr. Barry Maron said in an interview, was a worrisome number of prep football players who died of head and neck blows after they had already sustained concussions a few days to four weeks beforehand. Maron said it comes at a time of growing awareness about concussions, including the dangers of “second-impact syndrome.”

Story is here:

Here we continue to work for raising standards and trying to put people in positions of power on notice.  That includes information and reports like this one.

If you or an athlete you know has been hurt and you want to tell your story contact our director.  We will do all we can to help you!


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    Stick by your team through thick and thin, despite the wins and losses.
    It is Tennessee’s Rocky Top, Florida’s Old Ball
    Coach, and of course the Gator Chomp and the mighty Tim Tebow.

    I guess a handful of suspensions was enough to satisfy the NCAA.

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