Family of Fallen Athlete Andre Smith Calls For Change

We are going to support this effort 100%.  This young man never should have died.  We fell people are responsible and should be help liable.  They failed to execute on any sort of reasonable concussion management or emergency plan.  He had minutes to survive this injury and all they did was call an ambulance.  10 years ago this was acceptable.  Now it is not.  They needed to call a Chopper the minute he went down.  They did not.

Andre Smith is dead is just one of the 12 young men killed playing the game of football this year-  Please help his family work for Change!  Sign the petition below.  The football people at Bogan High School need to effect changes now- but they should not be excused for their lack of attention.  They might have prevented this.  God Bless he and his Family!


Andre Smith – Bogan High School Illinois – 10-26-2015

andre Smith

From his Uncle who is fighting for Change in Illinois-

It was the last play of the football game. My 17-year-old nephew Andre Smith was running to get the ball when an opponent tackled him. Andre flipped, and landed on his head. He walked off the field, but looked to be in pain. He said “my head is burning,” and those turned out to be his last words.

Andre collapsed and it took the ambulance 30 minutes to get to the scene. His coaches just watched, helpless, as he seized and went limp. The fact that there wasn’t already an ambulance and paramedics at the game, waiting in case of just such an accident, haunts me. I believe this cost my nephew his life.

These injuries are known to occur. They kill multiple high school football players every year. In fact, Andre’s is the seventh death of a high school football player this year. And, still, there aren’t measures in place to protect young people like Andre.

I’m calling on the Illinois High School Association (IHSA), which regulates sports in Illinois high schools, to implement measures to protect our children. Two simple changes — requiring an ambulance at every football game, and continued training of football coaches in basic medical care for injured players — could mean the difference between life and death.

According to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, Andre died from “blunt force head injuries.” Victims of this kind of injury can be saved, if proper resuscitation practices are followed immediately. My nephew could be alive today if he hadn’t been forced to wait those crucial minutes for the ambulance.

Andre’s death has hit our family especially hard, because his father — my brother — recently died from head trauma caused by a motorcycle accident. I am beside myself with grief. The deaths of these strong, healthy men were entirely preventable.

All I can do is fight to prevent more needless deaths by calling on the IHSA to take this issue seriously. Requiring ambulances at high school football games and training coaches in basic medical care for trauma injury victims could go a long way toward saving lives. Please sign my petition.

Thank you.



  1. Analilia Gomez Oros says


    My brother was injured this football season and he could have died.I’m from the state of WA and its not acceptable in any state or school district to be negligent and refuse to support the team with medical professional if needed. I’m so sorry for your loss, there needs to be adjustments made for the football players safety.

    • says

      Analilia- I was speaking to your brother as he lie in his hospital bed. He was upbeat and I tell you he is so lucky. Having said that he said the family dies not want any issues with this – he is a kid. He does not know what we know- two or 3 boys from out east there are still suffering and 1 is Dead from this Injury. I have had enough- you tell you parents I want to speak to them. He needs to be concerned about the rest of his life and not be blind to what happened. I am not saying anything is wrong but let me tell you – there is always something more we could do and should do. And if anyone played your brother hurt or did not get him the help he needed or looked the other way – or if his helmet was not reconditioned etc– he needs to be taken care of. This is a deadly sport – and people who are unprofessional need to not be around it. Thank you for speaking up! I want to speak to you so you can call me tonight or whenever – 503-799-8383- thanks- Dirk

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