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A year ago there was only one CDC approved education online on the Topic of concussion in youth and high school sports.  Now there are 4 with another one on the way.  These are Web based Videos that anyone can benefit from.

Our position is that every state should pass legislation like the Lystedt Law in Washington State that will require all Coaches at all levels, both club and school sports, to take annual education on the prevention of Traumatic Brain Injury / Concussion in sports.

There has been push back for passing a law that would require what politicians like to call “unfunded mandates”.  That excuse is now rendered invalid.  The free CDC approved courses are all set and ready to go.

We have one more requirement we want to work for.  Coaches work so very hard and now have this added responsibility.  It is time for Mom and Dad and the kids to be required to be educated.

So we can get everyone on the same page we are going to expect and ask everyone connected to a youth sports to take 20 minutes out of their busy lives to at least watch one of these videos.

There are more coming and we will have our Team 7:15 Documentary out very soon. Now here are the links to these online Video Training resources:


ACTIVE Athletic Concussion Training: ORCAS INC

The first and still one of the best available. This program includes an online quiz for coaches. this is now free through a grant from the National Health Institute.

Preview is below: The Link to Their Site is Here


The National Federation of State High School Associations approved Course for Coaches:  This is a CDC Website as well.

The National Federation of State High School Associations


The WIAA as a part of the Lystedt Law in Washington State produced a great video to allow for their coaches to comply with the law in 2010.  This is a very very good effort!  We really suggest that all of you watch this great piece of work.

Washington Interscholastic Activities Association


The shortest of the Video’s is by USA Football; an NFL Partner.  It is good but lacks the interaction of the others.  Still this is a good 11 minute look at the problem at hand.

USA Football


How To Fit a Helmet Properly:  BY USA FOOTBALL and Riddell – Watch It Here

Now Catch the Entire Heart Wrenching Story of one of Our Founders, Max Conradt, and see what Happened and what went wrong!  This is tragic but oh so educational! A Must Watch and you can buy and download this important piece of work and honor our fallen hero Max and his family by helping spread the word.

Watch “What Happened Dad?” right here.  WATCH IT NOW


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    Just released, Concussion Recovery: Rebuilding the Injured Brain, is a book written for the concussed offering practical solution and tools for recovery. Although writtend for the concussed it is is being used by practioners and stroke victims.

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