Increases in High School & Youth Concussion Documented in Study

Concussions among high school athletes in boys and girls sports have increased over the past decade, according to a study published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Data from a study which looked at a sample of 25 High Schools and 12 … [Read more...]

Colorado Getting Primed To Implement Concussion Bill

It was Colorado's turn to pass a law recently protecting our kids and they did just that.  In fact they have one of the more progressive and wide sweeping laws in the country and it covers middle school through High School athletes participating in … [Read more...]

School Districts Wake Up: The Legal Tsunami is Coming and Your on the Beach

Founding Members of Team 7:15 Could All bring Litigation based on what happened to them. Most have not but that is not preventing them from doing so. For now they work for our Mission and to create change in a broken system

We have repeatedly talked about this and every time our organization approaches a school district we approach as a friend and a partner.  We come to help bringing news of prevention and education in the Concussion and traumatic brain injury arena. … [Read more...]