Football Injuries Top Trauma-Related Deaths Among Young Athletes

Head and Neck Injuries Cause Death on The Football Field

Another study has been released and to no surprise it finds alarming statistics when it comes to the injury and death of high school football players. was the first group to cry out for help some three years ago on the issue of … [Read more...]

Baseline Concussion Testing Questioned; But Who is Behind This

Recently a single article was published in one paper and then later picked up by USA Today.  So of course we were interested in this.  Being believers in the use of Neuro-Cognitive Baseline test as a vital and mandatory tool in the overall battle to … [Read more...]

Red Wine and Grapes Being Studied for Concussion Benefits

Red wine grapes are the latest asset being deployed in the battle to solve the concussion crisis and help people who are injured recover more quickly and more completely.  We will have to see if this new research will bring to light any helpful … [Read more...]

Helmet Study Sends Confusing and Inaccurate Message

Football Helmets Are Not the Solution to the Concussion Epidemic

The sad thing about the media is that they report things without thinking through the consequences of their stories.  At least many outlets do.  A new study released last week is stirring debate about which helmet is safest for their kids to wear on … [Read more...]