Ali Wallace Goes For Miss America Taking Brain Champions To Atlantic City

JOSHUA BESSEX Ñ The Daily Astorian
Ali Wallace, of Portland, reacts after being crowned Miss Oregon 2015 during the Miss Oregon scholarship competition at the Seaside Convention Center June 27.

Ali Wallace Goes For Miss America Taking Brain Champions To Atlantic City Our very own Alexis "Ali" Wallace was recently named Miss Portland and went on to win the Title of Miss Oregon.  She will now compete for Miss America in Atlantic City this … [Read more...]

Hawaii Athletic Trainer Speaks Volumes About Concussion Protocols

Chelsea Qualey Athletic Trainer At Konawaena

A couple seasons back we were lucky enough to travel to the State of Hawaii and the gorgeous Island of Hawaii.  While we were there we visited a few schools to look at their football teams and how they operate.  And we found some great kids and … [Read more...]

Girl’s At Greater Risk For Concussions Impacts

Tracy Yatsko has been featured on the CDC Heads Up For Concussion Videos and has been a public speaker and lobbyist at many events

There is some new research out of Michigan State University that has now confimred what we have been saying and working for here at Atalanta's Pride.  The Study reveals female athletes take longer to recover from concussions, findings that call for … [Read more...]

Tracy Yatsko Joins BrainChampions In Girls Concussion Effort

Tracy Yatsko is someone you would never guess suffers debilitating effects of her youth sports Traumatic Brain Injury.

We are so pleased that we added a new member to our growing family of founders who have been personally hurt and forever changed as a result of concussion and traumatic brain injury they suffered while pursuing their sport.   Tracy will be working … [Read more...]

Increases in High School & Youth Concussion Documented in Study

G- Forces Exerted By A Football Player Are Far Beyond What is Needed to Cause a Concussion

Concussions among high school athletes in boys and girls sports have increased over the past decade, according to a study published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Data from a study which looked at a sample of 25 High Schools and 12 … [Read more...]