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After watching dozens of boys die and be maimed on the football field these past few years it is time to act more decisively.  We have worked tirelessly to educate, inform, prevent, and change the culture of youth and high school football.  Our own kids have been hurt.  Some have died.  We have all seen everything possible.  A Thursday night injury and concussion  led to a Friday tragedy.  In another case a 20 year unconditioned helmet led to near death.  Across the country a coach shoved his player into the game knowing he had been concussed; his funeral was a week or so later.

Even though we have helped lead the fight in the Traumatic Brain Injury arena we have advocated and fought to protect all out young men and women.  Heatstroke and heart failures have taken as many lives as the former.  And tonight we come to you asking for your support.  Another young man has fallen and left this earth.  On Wednesday July 29th, 2015  we lost Tekarian Maclin from unknown causes but as of now it appears it was Football and Heat related and could have been prevented.


Please read this Petition to find out what happened and join us in demanding the DA Investigate his death for possible criminal penalties and charges.


NOTE:  READ THIS:  The Mother of a Team mate of Maclin’s, Darrian Worles, has now reported her son almost died of heat exhaustion and dehydration the night before Maclin did.  This is only more reason we must push for an investigation and quick action by the District Attorney.

If you love the game of football and support the kids lives and safety first sign this petition.  Join BrainChampions and our friend Kim Archie and the National Cheer Safety Foundation and many others in calling for an investigation in this needless death.  Without someone standing Up and fighting we are going to see more kids die and we are going to lose the game of football!


Tekerian Maclin
Tekerian Maclin died after football practice July 29th, 2015 at Haywood High School in Tennessee- FB T Maclin Photo


On Wednesday morning July 29th, 2015 around 11 a.m., an ambulance was called to the Haywood High School Field house in Brownsville, Tennessee.  16 year old Junior Student Athlete Tekarian Maclin had just finished practice and was complaining of shortness of breath according to local media.

Sources told WMC Action News 5 that paramedics cleared him and his mother picked him up and drove him home. A few hours later, according to sources, he was found unresponsive and air-lifted to Le Bonheur Hospital where he died. He was about to enter the 11th grade.

The central issue beyond the obvious devastating loss to his Family and community are questions about what happened to Tekarian.  It was hot and in our view very likely too hot to be practicing.  Our records indicate that in Brownsville, Tennesse where Haywood High School is located the weather was humid and hot.
At 9:53 AM which was during practice it has been reported that Temperatures were 91 Degrees and Humidity was 63% for a Heat Index of 104.2.  That temperature was hotter then allowed by the Tennessee State Athletic Association (TSAA) guidelines and rules.  It appears that the athletes were practicing in heat at and beyond the maximum allowable limits putting their health and well being in danger.

Because of the number of deaths in recent years suffered by High School Football players and the fact that regulations at the State and National level are very stringent we believe more could have and should have been done.

The TSAA has new rules as reported by The Tennessean and those rules require:

  1. 105 degrees (Heat Index) or higher: Stop all outdoor activity. Re-check after 30 minutes.
  2. 100-104: (Heat Index) Provide ample water. Water should be unlimited to athletes. Mandatory water breaks every 30 minutes lasting 10 minutes. Iced towels should be available. Alter uniforms by removing layers if possible. Remove helmets, equipment when in non-contact drills. Postpone practice if possible. Re-check after 30 minutes.
  3. 95-99: (Heat Index) Provide ample water. Water should be unlimited to athletes. Mandatory water breaks every 30 minutes lasting 10 minutes. Iced towels should be available. Postpone practice if possible. Re-check after 30 minutes.
    Because heat index levels were reaching or over the maximum allowable under law as reported above (104.2) and practice was not cancelled or postponed we believe it is apparent and likely that the heat played a role in Tikarian’s death.

It is highly possible that the Coaching staff and administration and emergency responders are negligent and that these acts could rise to a legal level we consider child / athlete abuse. The laws are clear on this matter that even the suspicion of abuse requires an investigation.

Therefore we Petition the Honorable District Attorney Garry Brown to immediately open an investigation of what happened and interview all parties present to determine if any laws were broken that lead to or contributed to the death of Tekarian Macklin.  Legal charges should follow accordingly. We further petition the school board chairman to support the District Attorney by immediately turning over all records, equipment, film, and other items needed to complete this inquest.

By signing this petition you stand with our organizations in asking for accountability of those in positions of responsibility.  You are supporting that all youth K-12 athletes be protected and free to pursue their sport safely.  You are demanding with us full disclosure and findings of the real facts.

We pray for this family and by our signatures support them and honor this wonderful young man!

RIP – Tekarin Maclin – July 29th, 2015

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Tekerian Maclin Petition

HEAT INDEX FOR Haywood High School At Time of Tekarian Maclin’s Death

Brownsville Heat Index
Here is the Actual Heat Index for the area where Tekarian Maclin was practicing.


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