Bennet Omalu’s Story On Film Will Rock The Football World

In 2009 we watched a Nightline special on Concussions, Death, and Football.  Dealing with our own two sons injuries was awful and they came at the hands of the game we loved.  The game I coached and their Grandfather was named a small school All American at before heading on to Coach High School ball for many years.  In that Nightline piece we watched in horror as secrets of the brain and football were stripped away.  The death of Andre Waters, Mike Webster, and other NFL stars were discussed and it turned out that they all died of something caused by football.

Paul Bright
Our good friend and Brain Champions supporter Kim Archie lost her own son Paul Bright recently and his brain was confirmed to have been suffering from CTE. Paul played 11 seasons of Youth and High School Football.- Kim Archie FB Page-

CTE. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.  Three words coined by an African immigrant Doctor working in a morgue and testing these players brains one by one.  His name is Bennet Omalu and he had never seen a football game nor a singe play.  What he did know was that these massive men did not die from the causes listed.  It was something much more.

This man- this brave miraculous man- who we have spoken to and traded emails with found the proof that the game of football was and is killing men.

His tireless work produced facts which have been proven by science and there is no denying them.  The game and the repetitive blows cause brain damage.  Period.  There is no way out and while it won’t hit all players it will hit many.  It can not be diagnosed until death and after an autopsy.  While we once were told it was just effecting older players we now have several High School players brains that are confirmed to have been suffering from this silent killer.

Bennet Omalu
Doctor Bennet Omalu is a Champion- a brave man- a pioneer in the medical fields. He is also the biggest enemy the NFL has outside the disease, CTE, which is killing the current and former players.

Watch Bennet Omalu lay it all on the line in this awesome piece done on Frontline on PBS-


Now we know it is not concussions but hits that cause this.  Those most at risk are our youth.  Athletes below the age of 14 are supremely at risk and are more likely to develop problems sooner.

In 2009 I began to remove myself from youth football and now I lobby against it even as I support High School ball when it is done right.

The world is now full of injured men- big men like Junior Seau and Dave Duerson and Mike Webster who are all now dead at their own hands.  All had CTE.

The NFL is scared- they are almost in full panic mode and that is with just a few of us informed Coaches and activists in the know. When this film comes out featuring Will Smith the genie is out of the bottle and the League will have to admit openly what is happening and how little they have done.  I am and all of our members are always with the players.  The injured and the healthy are our people.

I founded Brain Champions in 2009 with the help of several suffering families and we are so thankful and proud of them all and of Doctor Bennet Omalu.  This is going to be big and we want any of you who are concerned or who have been injured to stand with us and stand up to save our game.  Watch the movie trailer here and share this with your friends.  Send email to if you care to help out.

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