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Many Youth Games in America Start between 7:00 to 7:30.    Honoring two of our Founders at, Matthew Newman #7 who is with us and Drew Swank #15 who we lost, we are asking all sports teams to:

Team 7:15 honors two of our Founders at, Matthew Newman #7 who is with us and Drew Swank #15 who we lost
Team 7:15 honors two of our Founders at, Matthew Newman #7 who is with us and Drew Swank #15 who we lost
  • Remember to Watch All of Your Players for the early warning signs of a Concussion if you are a Coach, Trainer, Parent, Teacher, Administrator, Fan…. you get the picture.
  • Remember to make your Health your #1 Concern if you are a Player
  • Remember to Watch out for Your team mates health.
  • Remember to be Careful and Diligent if you are a Parent.  Take a very active role in your athletes health and educate yourself on the topic of concussions and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Remember.. Never Make a Return to Play Decision without being 100% certain it is OK to do so.  The Players Health is always the ONLY priority.
  • Remember how lucky you are to be alive, healthy, and playing sports and  doing the things that we all love to do.
  • and lastly… whatever else you do….
  • Remember #7 Matthew Newman and #15 Andrew “Drew” Swank,  Zachary Lystedt, Max Conradt, Dylan Steigers, Kort Breckenridge, and the thousands of Boys and Girls like them that have given it all for their teams and to this day suffer from the injuries they have fallen victim to.

“Team 7:15″ will provide schools and sports leagues with the latest information on concussion and traumatic Brain injuries, educational opportunities working with our members, and advocate for across the board changes to insure our sports remain safe for all.  We hope to have the support of all schools as we work in a positive direction for change including:

  • ImPACT Concussion Testing or similar Neuro-Cognitive Baseline Testing must be implemented in the off season so that we have those test results as an analytical tool for staff, doctors, and parents to use in return to play decision making.  We will sponsor schools in need of help getting this program started as we are able.
  • Mandatory Education of All Coaches, Trainers, Doctors, Parents, and Players on the increasing dangers of concussions and this is focused on the latest information and research from the CDC and other similar Institutions.  We believe every coach, Player and Parent in America should have mandatory annual educational requirements specifically on Concussion and Head Trauma.
  • Raise the Standards of Care by which we all conduct concussion prevention measures, sideline management, Practice regimens, and return to play guidelines. Every team can improve the way they operate and schools can always strive to improve on Emergency Action Plans, First Responder Staffing, and better regimens of all aspects of their sports programs.
  • We will Help Build a community and develop a culture where safety is emphasized over playing at all costs.  The days of “rub some dirt on it”, “tough it out”, “Walk it Off”, and “You just got your bell rung” are coming to an end and we hasten that day.
  • We are committed to making sure that all Athletes stay out of contact sports and DO NOT RETURN TO PLAY until they are 100% healthy. This is not an easy thing to do because the kids will play hurt and we can not see inside their heads!  So we are pulling out all the stops to make the “when in doubt sit them out” mantra universal.

There is much more to do but these are the Protection and Prevention Measures that “Team 7:15“  hopes to take hold of and promote in order to make a difference.  We hope to change a Culture in sports and particularly in Football where there exist Systemic Problems.    We know it will take time but we need to find a way to move ahead safely.  These simple tenants and goals and objectives in and of themselves will save lives.

That is the whole point. We do not ever want any player of any Family to have to live through what our families and those like theirs are living through… enough is enough.  Now is the time we move ahead and save our kids and youth sports too.  We have paid the ultimate price and therefore are seat at this table is a permanent one.

Now to Join us and show your commitment just email us at or give us a call at 503-799-8383.  We will discuss how we can help you or your school/team get the  ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) or a similar program in place and what else we can do to help you or your school.

We will also provide Helmet Stickers to anyone that wants them.

Players, Parents, Sponsors, and other injured athletes and their families are welcome to join us at anytime and level of commitment.

We welcome you to the Battle!

Join TEAM 7:15

PS:   We Need Sponsors that Can Help Host this Awesome Event.  Corporate Partners are requested to join the effort by making a contribution of $500 for a Bronze, $750 for a Silver, and $1,000 for a Gold Sponsorship; Individuals may contribute any amount that you can to help our Nonprofit group Brain Champions!  Thanks for your help.



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