Allison Cook Miss Oregon 2013 and Member of Brain Champions
Allison Cook competed for an became Miss Oregon in 2013. She will reign for one year and compete in Atlantic City for Miss America. She leads the Southern Oregon Chapter of Brain Champions!

Calling All Volunteers and Sponsors

At BrainChampions we have been working for 4 years now to educate students, parents, Coaches, and athletes about the dangers of concussion and Traumatic Brain Injuries.  Long before it was politically correct or a hot topic we were working and on the ground to protect our student athletes.

Among our volunteers since 2011  is Southern Oregon student and former athlete Allison Cook.    She is a dynamic person and was injured multiple times as a competitive High School athlete.  She knows the pain and the struggle of trying to overcome issues related to concussion and brain injury and offered to head up our work in Southern Oregon.

She took on the task of creating an educational poster aimed at getting the word out to young women who research has shown are at greater risk then males of being effected by a brain injury while competing in sports.  Her work there and in other meetings and lobbying she has done has been invaluable and helped save lives and educate.

We are pleased to announce that Allison competed for and won the Miss Oregon title and will be competing in Atlantic City for Miss America September 10th through the 15th this Fall.  Find out more Right Here:


If you can help and Allison Cook in Southern Oregon please contact Allison directly at:

Allison Cook <>

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