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There is so much to be done.  From helping us distribute information to making calls and hosting educational events…we need you!  If you have ever wanted to make a real difference in the safety, health and well being, and lives of young people this is the place and we are the people to get involved with.

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  1. says

    I wrote an OPED(on about 3 weeks ago or so) on why we should stop tackle football prior to age 18; I am writing a bill for our Ill legislature, an think we can get it passed, limiting hitting in practice, youth and HS football…I would like a bit of help on this if possible, L.Robbins M.D. 847 4809399

  2. Julie Clark says

    I’m Bobby Clarks mom. Ive written on here before, and I know you have posted in CaringBridge. You were kind enough to leave your number for me somewhere, and my apologies, but I cant find it. My email is If you wouldnt mind, I would really like to talk to you. It’s taken me awhile, and I dont guarantee I wont still cry when we talk, but I think I am at the point that I can try. Thanks Dirk.
    Julie Clark

  3. Shaun W Best says

    I want to prevent cognitive challenges, because my mother & step-dad did not put a helmet on my head at age 12. Protection is needed for children/future adults!


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