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Brain Champions Four PillarsConcussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries in Youth Sports are at an all time high. Our founders were all tragically effected by these types of injuries. Together we will work to make sure that fewer and fewer athletes are faced with this type of life altering injury. At BrainChampions.org our mission is simple.

“The prevention of and successful and careful management of concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries in youth sports.”

We will accomplish this by implementing the four pillars of our Organization:

  • With our Team of Doctors and the experts we consult with we will develop the latest in Standards of Care and protocols for youth sports. This will include all aspects of youth sports from the sort of equipment kids wear to the methods by which we analyze and deal with injuries when they occur. Medical protocols, emergency response, return to play guidelines, sideline management…and more all are crucial. BrainChampions.org will help by empowering parents, players, coaches, trainers, emergency medical staff, and school administrators with this latest information that is being recommended by medical, research, and legal professionals.
  • Baseline Concussion Testing: Surprisingly one of the most effective and important prevention tools in this battle is what is known as Baseline Concussion Testing or Neuro-Cognitive Testing. This crucial management and diagnosis tool tests the Baseline performance of the athletes brain in a pre-season session. By doing so the athlete has a solid baseline score of their brains functions. In a situation where there is an concussion or Brain Injury the athlete will not be allowed to return to play until they pass a complete physical by Trained medical processional AND after they can show that their brain is functioning at the same level as their baseline pre-season test. BrainChampions.org works closely with ImPACT Concussion testing. Our members have seen the benefits first hand of ImPACT’s work and would never want to see an athlete or team compete without this crucial tool in place.
  • Education and Research: One of the main ways to the realization of our goals lies in Education and Research.  Three of our Founding members have laws named after them.  In Fact the Very First laws in the country regarding concussions and youth sports. The critical element of those laws is that Coaches are required every year to complete basic concussion awareness and prevention training.  This is crucial.  Educating parents, players, trainers, medical staff, and school administrators is also crucial.  This has to be mandatory in all schools K-12 and for any organized sports organization.  Research goes hand in hand with this founding principal and we support all efforts to complete research in all areas concerned.
  • Building Community: Have your ever wondered what it would be like to have your life turned upside down?  To be injured on the field doing something you love in a way where you will never play the sport again?  Then friends and team mates move on and you could be left behind for months or years trying to put the pieces back together.  Our members will build a community together to share in the difficulties and triumphs experienced as a result of these sports injuries.  We will provide opportunities for our members to meet socially, work in the educational process, and to lend their voices to the battle we are waging as concussions and traumatic injuries in sports are being reported at an alarming rate.


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